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What a darling book! I love those vintage patterns, too. I wonder if the ones from the 80' that make me shudder now will ever be so attractive to someone?

I am curious, if you don't mind sharing, how did you laminate the patterns to the book board? Were the patterns already waxed, or did you do that yourself and, if so, with what?

Hi, Amy! Thanks, glad you like the book! And don't get me started on those '80s patterns...I shudder at them too!

I first glue acid-free ivory color paper to the book board on both sides, making sure the grain is facing the same direction (vertical). Then I glue the pattern to the covered board (both times using PVA glue). I also spray the pattern first with de-acidification spray (found at most art stores).

Since book board is fairly dark, if you glue the pattern directly to it the colors won't be as true. Also, if there are any small tears (some of those patterns are pretty fragile), they won't show if you cover the board first with paper.

The wax I used is Micro Glaze by JudiKins. If you Google it you should find a bunch of places that carry it. It's great stuff!

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much for the info! I bought some Micro Glaze on ebay and can't wait to try it out.

Terrific! Let me know what you think!

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